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Vision: 4 Stars..........

Because of the unique nature of this review including music, we have to forgo the usual format for critiquing, and return to the standard.

The image is quite clear in light of the lyrics, which means the vision is darn near as clear as a bell. The lyrics and video are being used as a guide because they were included in the description. A half star is removed because without the description, all we would have to go on is the title, and that would have drug it down to four stars.

Remember, what is in the description can be used either for or against, whether something is included, or excluded, with this instance, the added material helps the overall rating.

Originality: 4 ½ Stars..........

Is this original? By no means! A woman with a candle, in what appears to be a forest/woods, at night? Use the new hashtag feature at dA and see for yourself. But...

With the lyrics, and the video, we see nothing but originality here. Being a song based upon the Judeo-Christian worldview, it is assumed that the lyrics, image, video/song had to have been inspired by the Holy Spirit/Ghost, ergo, it can only be a unique, one-of-a-kind work.

Again, a half star was removed because the description was required to reach the rating, and again, a half star would have been removed without it.

Technique: 3 Stars..........

Now for the slam.

Without the music video, it would gain a star, with it, the poor thing loses a whole star.
Without the lyrics, it would be a half star higher, with them, it takes the hit.
Do you now see where the description can hurt as well as help?

The lyrics do not translate very well to english, which is only an issue, because they are translated to english. I am sure in the native language, the lyrics work well, but here in Western society, where english dominates, they have grammatical issues that hurt the flow of the song.

Don't get me wrong, the lyrics are fine, and when you read them as the song plays, you can see how they fit, and how the artist is "singing" them, but translation wise, they are a bit clunky for the english speaker to invest themselves in fully.

As for the video? It is well shot, of average technique, not low-budget, but neither a Viacom epic music video.

The problem here is the end of the song. The guitar and drums are great. They are strong and clear, they do not interfere with each other, but... They layered voices at the end? That was a shot in the foot! Whoever had that idea, to stick 3 or 4 tracks of vocals together blew it, it sounded atrocious! The whole song literally died at that point, and regardless whether it is religious music, pop, rock, rap/hip-hop, it was a fatal mistake, and for that, a whole star is worthy of removal.

Without the description, this image would have been 4½ stars. It is crystal clear very well lighted, the shadows are perfect, the exact moment of the image is great. Granted, the makeup was a little overdone, but I take into account the European culture, and the difference between cosmetic theory, as opposed to North America, so I ignored what I might have seen as a potential flaw.

The colors of the image are rich and lovely, the red just works so well in this image, it is very attractive, and this model/artist does red extremely well in the candlelight shining on her. I would suggest keeping red as the top choice for this particular artist/model. Again, the image alone so rocked an almost deserved perfection. It would never have achieved that final half star, because of the contrived pose, that forever steals perfection.

Impact: 3 Stars..........

Sadly enough, another hit. The end of the music video/song just "kills the buzz" of the song itself, as the translation issues to english leaves too much to be desired. The three stars of impact here are held by the image alone. Without the image, the song an lyrics have no impact at all.

It should be noted that from the view of a native speaker from the Czech Republic, this entire critique could be seen differently. The lyrical translation would flow better, the video would be more acceptable as a native song, the image itself would have more meaning. But to a review/critic in mainstream western society, which is who this image was presented to, it is both fair, and safe to say that the entire body of this work is a 3½ star effort overall. Something the artists should be very happy with, being above average.

I imagine that if the artist(s) had aimed directly at North America as their target audience, they would have done things much differently, but in that instance, they could have possibly alienated their homeland audience, on the gamble of a commercial success in a very fickle western market.

Artist Interview with - Olivie Žižková

#1. Tell us about yourself.

-I'm industrious, balanced and a believer. Yet my life is "one big swing"... I would hardly get over problems without God, but also thanks to that I'm comparatively healthy, I manage to do things well.

#2. Why this particular song?

-The idea for melody and lyrics for the song "To the converted ones" came to my mind at night, as always when I compose songs. It came to me together with the lyrics. I myself am "the converted one" and so God sent me this song from the heaven, I believe. The song is very powerful, isn't it?

#3. What inspires you?

-My main inspiration je the God and at the time it was also a Catholic priest Jan Balík. He is the biggest part of it all, whether of my belief or the song "To the converted ones"

#4. What can we expect to see in the future?

-Everything is in hands of our Jesus, so i don't plan anything and i leave it up all to him. He decides about everything...

#5. What advice can you give other artists?

-I'm not a counselor, so I'm not used to give any advice to anyone who doesn't ask for one. Maybe just that all artists should stick together and do their art well and with love. After all, we, the artists, are just something like "animals" that are here to entertain people...? And even if it is our gift and we get money for it, we should always work for you people and make you happy with our art

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