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From the artist:

"I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry
I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier"
Taken by, edited by, and featuring me.

Interpret it as you will~

Little does she know that we will!

As usual, with a new artist, and new watchers from the weekend, we need to remind them that the lower the vision score the better, and in this case, the artist has achieved perfection with the coveted 1/2 star!

Like Jess, the author herself acknowledges that the interpretation is the sole property of the viewer, something that we like to see, and be given the privilege of doing. Which is the reason that the 1/2 is awarded, (perfection is awarded, all other ratings are given) we have run into one of those rare times where no vision can be applied! What I may see is guaranteed to be 180 degrees different from every possible human being will be able to see. It is an artists nirvana, to create a work that engages the viewer, and either forces to viewer to engage with it, or to disengage, being defeated by the viewers own cretinous indifference.

We know that the two sister scores, (Vision & Impact) directly relate to each other, ergo we can see, hear, and smell that coveted 5 star impact score on the horizon, but first, the two brothers!

What is the next question that we ask after we ask what it is? That's right. Is this original?

What can I say? How can I say it? Another stellar five-star award! Where on dA is another like it? Yes, Jess might have images that relate to it, but they are no means anything like it. It stands alone, with no peers, and rightfully so. It says what it means, and it means what it says. It "is".


We have a jealous brother in technique. And we know that either the brothers, (Originality & Technique) are backing each others play, or they are at each others throat, which is the case here with a soul crushing 2 1/2 star face slap.

From the artist:

Taken by, edited by, and featuring me.

Uh oh... But how was it "taken" if the girl in the picture is the artist?

Well, the logical guess it that it was done with a timer, ergo that means the image itself boils down to "dumb luck", when it comes to the overall impact. The impact does not change, but the road to it is littered with the potholes of a lucky break, which has nothing to do with skill and or knowledge.

So what is the two and a half stars for then you say?

Granted, it may be nothing more than lucky duck that the image came out the way it did, but the artist did set up the shot, did take into account the setting, her pose, the incline of the mirror, something that probably took some time, maybe some looking through the lens at the mirror propped up against the tree, seeing how the sunlight looks, the angle, etc... All of which were done to perfection! So out of a perfect 5 star rating for technique, she gets half for doing everything but allowing the eye of the camera to capture the perfection. But that is ok, because we know that nothing is perfect, and somewhere in the work is always something that is flawed, just by nature of the flawed human being it spawned from.

And now for visions older sister, Impact.

Yes, 5 stars.

Baby sister squealed with joy over the perfection of ambiguity, and here big sis explains why.

Click on the image and blow it up to max size, what do you see?

What I see is a soul's ascension into Heaven...

The gentle incline up unto the bright welcoming light illuminates the forest path with the tree on the left, and the two trees on the right providing a guide to stay upon the path lighted by the revelation of Deity.

Upon the path to the heavenlies, we are required to pass by an Angel as she causes us to reflect upon our life prior to our entrance, through her looking-glass. Her gaze is upon the path, and the importance of it, and not upon the ascending soul. She remains focused on the illuminating lights of her Deity, letting the approach soul know that this is simply a brief glance at their life upon Earth, and that the final reflection is reserved for the end of the incline. Her look is angelic, you fall in love with the beauty of love itself when looking upon the Seraph.

The green grass reminds us of the life that continues on among the dead leaves. A reinforcement that there is life beyond and amongst the death (leaves) itself. The feel and smell of the forest path is comforting, letting us know that our Faith in faith is now coming to its fruition as our naked feet (naked like the Seraph as we shed our earthly raiments, returning to our spiritual state, much like her.) trod through the crunching dead leaves, only to be comforted by the gentle brushing of the soft grass upon them as we trod.

This 5 star impact validates the half star vision because the artist after reading this will say... "Well, that wasn't what I had in mind, but I can actually see it now that you mention it." The same exact thing that anyone else would say if they viewed, and took time to digest the image prior to reading this critique.

Overall this image is as close to perfection as one can get, but still suffering from the flaw of the human itself, reminding us on this ascension to meet the Creator, and our reflection along the path in our life that as an inherently flawed being, we need to remind ourselves to reflect and correct, to self assess when the need arises, and ask ourselves if what we have done with this life with pass the higher standards of the final mirror that we will be called upon to stand in front of, as well as to be called into account for said reflection.

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